Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May competition entries... Macro/ Close-up

                                                                            1  (1)
                                                                              1 (2) HIGHLY COMMENDED
                                                                               2 (1)
                                                                              2 (2)

                                                                          3 (1)
                                                                           3  (2)

                                                                           4 (1)  FIRST
                                                                              4 (2)

                                                                          5 (1)  SECOND
                                                                           5 (2) SECOND

                                                                           6 (1)
                                                                               6 (2) HIGHLY COMMENDED

                                                                             7 (1)
                                                                             7 (2) THIRD

                                                                         8 (1)
                                                                             8 (2)

                                                                                  9 (1) HIGHLY COMMENDED
                                                                              9 (2)

                                                                         10 (1)
                                                                              10 (2) THIRD

                                                                             11 (1) HIGHLY COMMENDED
                                                                                12 (1) FIRST
                                                                               12 (2)

For club members.....remember to click to enlarge the image and then you can scroll along and view each photo to judge it. 

Here is the critique form to show you how to judge the photos.

May meeting.....

If you all scroll down you will see the points each Photo received in our Portrait competition and who took the photo. There were some amazing entries. We really are improving.....

The winner on the night was our youngest member Jaimie with this lovely shot.

A very close second was Glen with this shot.

And rounding off the night was this shot from Pam.

I am about to enter the photos for this month's competition. Macro / close up.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our May shoot and social BBQ.

What an afternoon we had. It was so much fun and we even managed to get some photos taken. Well some of us did...me, I sat down to chat with the mother of one of our members and found out she will turn 101 on August 4th. So that was it for me... we sat and chatted the afternoon away. A remarkable lady and very entertaining.

We must say a huge thank you to Jim and Norma for their wonderful hospitality. Tea was fantastic... I could live on those caramelized onions... and both deserts were to die for.

Here we have proof that some of us did manage to take photos......

What are they shooting I hear you ask...... this little fella......

Those of you who couldn't make it to this outing... make sure you are at the next one as you won't want to miss the fun. We all got to know each other a little better and had some good laughs......

Don't forget to get your critiques for the last competition to Garry. He has to sort them out for our next club meeting. And get your macro or close up shots ready to send in for the next competition.

Until next time.....

Thursday, May 1, 2014

April competition...Portraits.

I am sure that everyone who attended the portrait nights learned a lot and had a good time.

Attending this club night opened my eyes to how much fun portraits can be. Thank you Garry and Jim for all your help.

Here are the photos that are in the club competition for this month.

There are two photos from each entrant. Please use your score sheet to judge each picture. Score sheet was attached to the news letter that Garry sent out.

Each entrant has a number and then in brackets is the number of each photo they have entered. The numbers are on top of each photograph.

Cath       1   (1)  94

1   (2)  97

Noeleen        2   (1) 103

                                                                             2   (2) 103

Glen       3   (1)  113

3   (2)  117

Fran       4   (1)  113

4   (2)  108

Jaimie        5   (1)  110

5   (2)  118

Ron       6   (1)  96

                                                                               6   (2) 105

Mick      7   (1)  101

                                                                           7   (2)   108

Bronwyn      8  (1)  112
                                                                              8  (2)   109

Megan       9   (1)  98
                                                                           9   (2)  103

Pam       10   (1)  110

                                                                              10   (2)   115

Darryl      11   (1)  100

                                                                              11   (2)  100

Please click on the photo to enlarge it for a better view. When you click on the first photo it will open in a new window and on the bottom of that window you will see all the photos. Just click on the next photo in the line to bring it up in the new window. Happy scoring and see you at Jim & Norma's for the get together and BBQ.