Monday, July 29, 2013

More of John's photos from the Laidley Show.

This is a Photo of Mr Walter Kowaltzke receiving his Meritorious Services award for dedication and outstanding contribution to the Queensland show movement.

Now for all the boys and rev heads out there.
This is a photo of the Beaut Utes winner doing donuts on the dust bowl at the Laidley Show.

I will soon have photos of the pictures that were submitted for the monthly club competition. Macro/Close up. They were judged and we received the results last night at our monthly club meeting.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Show photos.

Here we have the 1st place in Sports and Macro in the Junior section. Photos by Liam Bichel.

One of my Favourite flood pictures from the show was by Ann Bichel. This photo received a Highly Commendable.
Another photo I liked from the Black and White section was by Louise Walker. Louise received a Highly Commendable for this shot.

Here are some pictures that John took. If anyone would like to purchase these pictures you will have to contact John as he has copyright of these shots. John is going away for a two month trip to Scotland today and will be returning mid September.

Grand Champion Angus.

Grand Champion Rider.
Scruffy...The Monster truck.
As promised he did flatten the car wrecks. Oh he was so noisy....... I will never park next to him... imagine what you would come back too..???????

That's it for today..... more soon.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Garry Watson won 1st & 2nd in Allscapes. Garry is a genius when it comes to landscapes.
Garry also won 1st & 2nd in Floral. Magnificent shots...
Next time we go on a club shoot for these subjects...I'm standing next to Garry... LOL

I will add more photos as they come in to me.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A little bit naughty but he was one of the winners in the animal section at the show.... How cute is he...?????? This photo won second place and was taken by Crystal Hoolihan 

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


This is the start of the blog for The Laidley Camera Club. Hubby and I joined a few months back and we are having a fantastic time. The members are so welcoming and we are learning how to use our cameras correctly.

Joining the club will teach you how to take better photos and learn exactly what you can achieve with your own camera. It doesn't matter what kind of camera you own and use... all are welcome. Hubby has a DSLR.  I have a point and shoot camera and I am offered the same instructions as the other members. In the short time we have been members of the club we have learnt so much.

Once a month we have a photo shoot somewhere in the district. Plus we have a club meeting once a month as well. At the meeting we enter 2 photos in the monthly club competition. They are then sent away to be judged and critiqued. It is amazing how much you learn from this process alone.

This month our outing was at the Laidley Show to take animal photos. We also had a stand and all the photos entered into the show were on display. The club helped us work out what to set our cameras on and if we needed it they would come outside with us and help us get the right shot as well. I went alone, still deciding if that was wise or stupid...LOL

I did get this shot of a horse jumping. OK so I had no depth of field what so ever... but it is sharp. Unfortunately so is the back ground...LOL But before the club all I would of got was a blur for the horse.
No this will not be a blog of just my photos. Once I get it up and rolling it will have all club photos and competition photos.

Our photo section at the Laidley Show was wonderful. The photo quality was very good. It was also lovely to see such interest from the local crowd.

Here are the different sections and the winners for each section. Judging was done by and independent judge from Brisbane. As soon as I get more photos I will add the winning photos as well.

Class 1 Animals.                                Class 2 People.                      Class 3 Floral.       
1st:    Margaret Offer.                        1st:    Annette Schimke.          1st:   Garry Watson.
2nd:  Crystal Hoolihan  .                   2nd:  Donna Hodgson.            2nd:  Pam Green.   
                                                          2nd:  Annette Schimke.

3rd:   Annette Schimke.                    3rd:   Jayne Foster.                 3rd:  Garry Watson.

Class 4 Allscapes.                           Class 5 Any Buildings              Class 6 Macro/Close Up.
1st:    Garry Watson.                         1st:   Jeff Duke.                       1st:     Kevin Russell.
2nd:   Garry Watson.                        2nd:  Margaret offer.                2nd:   Pam Green.
                                                                                                          2nd:   Kevin Russell.     
3rd:  Leah Myer.                              3rd:   Michael Pin.                   3rd:    Ron Walker

Class 7 Sports Action.                     Class 8 Farm/Agriculture           Class 9 Transport.
                                                           Local content.
1st:    Rachel Raven.                         1st:    Darrell Green.                1st:    Cath Walker
2nd:   Jeff Duke.                               2nd:   Rachel Raven.                2nd:   Lindsay Rowland
3rd:    Annette Schimke.                   3rd:    Darrell Green.                3rd:   Louise Harris.

Class 10 Black and White               Class 11 Enlargements             Class 12  2013 Qld Floods.
     any subject.                                            any subject.
1st:   Annette Schimke.                    1st:    Kevin Russell.               1st:    John Heseltine.
2nd:  Annette Schimke.                    2nd:  James Haak.                   2nd:  Tom Byrne.
3rd:   Jeff Duke.                               3rd:    Kevin Russell.               3rd:    Michael Pin.

            Grand Champion and reserve Champion went to   Annette Schimke.  

Class 1 Animals.                                Class 2 Agriculture.                 Class 3 Any Floral
                                                                                                                 or Still Life.   
1st:    Isabella Gaddes.                       1st:   Tanika Harris.                 1st:   Tanika Harris. 
2nd:   Tanika Harris.                          2nd:  Dartanyn Foster.             2nd:  Billee Hodgson.
2nd:   Isabella Gaddes.                       3rd:  Dartanyn Foster.             3rd:   Billee Hodgson.

Class 4 Sports/ Action/ Schools.       Class 5 Macro.                         Class 6 People.
1st:    Liam Bichell.                          1st:    Liam Bichell.                  1st:   Isabella Gaddes.
2nd:   None                                       2nd:   None                               2nd:  Billee Hodgson.
3rd:    None                                      3rd:    None                               3rd:  Dartanyn Foster.

So far I only have a few of the winning photos....

 Class 12  2013 Qld Floods.    1st Place.  John Heseltine.

 Class 6  Macro   1st  & 2nd Kevin Russell.

 3rd Ron Walker.

Class 9 Transport.   1st Cath Walker.

Class 11 Enlargements.  1st & 3rd Kevin Russell.

If you are interested in joining our club please contact Cheryl.  John will be away until mid September so I will add his contact info when he returns.

Until I have more photos to show you all...