Monday, October 28, 2013


Last night we had our club meeting for October. The competition was for Creative.

Here are the A Grade photos.

When I first saw this first one I immediately thought Harry Potter.... LOL

I love this one..........

And can anyone guess what this is...???????  OK so we all know... seeds in a flower... How cool is that.

I loved this one when I first saw it as well.... you should see the photo it was created from. It is a brilliant shot.

Now we have the B Grade shots.....

This is another one that I love....

I think this one is brilliant.......

 Now you just saw this one in the B Grade photos. The judge said it was a bit busy and would of looked a lot better cropped down. You have to remember though this is just the opinion of this one judge. But I decided to have a go and crop to see if it did make much difference.... I think it did..... Hope you didn't mind me playing around with it Lynn.

 This made a difference......

This made a bigger difference. Once again this shows the importance of cropping. But just my opinion.

Have fun everyone and keep clicking.....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nature competition.

I now have all of the photos for the Nature competition. We are improving and that is good to see... LOL

Here are the A Grade photos.

This photo received a merit.
 This photo received a merit....

I absolutely love this last shot. Amazing. If I remember correctly this photo won an award. As soon as I have the list of winners, I will be able to post them for you all to see.

Here are the B Grade photos. We are the more inexperienced photographers. But we are learning.

This photo won a merit.

This photo won a merit.

I think this photo won a merit.
This photo won a merit

This photo won a merit

This photo won a merit.

As soon as I have the list of winners I will post them.

Last meeting we had Bob Britcher come along and critique our photos and give us a talk. It was very interesting. Bob actually critiqued the photos while we were there and it was so good to see what is looked for when judging.

I actually e mailed Bob a photo I had taken and he kindly critiqued it for me over the phone. I very much appreciated Bob giving up his private time to help me out. I am also looking forward to the next time Bob comes out to one of our meetings to share his knowledge with us.

Yesterday we started some lessons on Photoshop at the hall in Forrest Hill. Very interesting. I learnt some things that have been driving me crazy since swapping over from Paint Shop Pro 15 to Photoshop CS6. I cannot wait for next Sunday's lesson. John and Cheryl are doing a fantastic job. I hope to see more club members there next Sunday. Come on $2... even if you come for a chat and a cuppa.....

Until next time.....