Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Show photos.

Here we have the 1st place in Sports and Macro in the Junior section. Photos by Liam Bichel.

One of my Favourite flood pictures from the show was by Ann Bichel. This photo received a Highly Commendable.
Another photo I liked from the Black and White section was by Louise Walker. Louise received a Highly Commendable for this shot.

Here are some pictures that John took. If anyone would like to purchase these pictures you will have to contact John as he has copyright of these shots. John is going away for a two month trip to Scotland today and will be returning mid September.

Grand Champion Angus.

Grand Champion Rider.
Scruffy...The Monster truck.
As promised he did flatten the car wrecks. Oh he was so noisy....... I will never park next to him... imagine what you would come back too..???????

That's it for today..... more soon.

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