Monday, July 28, 2014

July Meeting.....

Last night was our meeting for July. We have some wonderful photos entered into next month's competition. Reflections is the theme. If anyone has some they still wish to enter please e mail them to me. It is important that you attach the photo to the e mail and not insert for some reason I am unable to save a photo that has been inserted into the e mail. But attached photos are easy to save.

I am about to announce the winners from last competition which was an open theme, where you could submit any two photos on any subject that you liked. First was Garry.... Second was Garry..... Third was Ron and Karen received a Highly Commendable.

Check out the photos below this post from last month and you will see which photos won places.

Last night we had a talk from Darryl about things we should think about when going on an outdoor shoot. Some very interesting points were made. It has made me think a little more about when Ron and I head off on one of our photo shoots alone.

We haven't set a photo shoot for this month, and I know this is very short notice but on Sunday at the Grandchester mini steam trains there is a special day of celebrations. It is their 16th birthday. It starts at 10am and goes until 3pm. Ron and I have been a few times now and it is fun to watch. Harder then you think to get some good shots, but that is what is so enjoyable... the challenge.  It is easy to find, head along the Rosewood - Laidley road until you reach Grandchester. Just past the railway line you will see a road, turn right and follow that until it turns into a dirt road. Continue along the dirt road and you will see where the trains are. If you miss the turn off you just go around the bend and on your way out of Grandchester you will see an orange bridge in a paddock to the right. Turn right at the dirt road and you are there.

This is a good opportunity to see live steam trains, electric trains and diesel trains. All in miniature form. I love watching the kids having rides on them. There is no entry fee  and they do have a canteen there so food isn't a problem. You can also bring along a picnic if you wish. It is lovely to spread a blanket and sit under the trees and have a picnic and watch the trains going around the track.

Last night we never set a theme for next competition.... how about this ..... Food. Something different. Here are three links that will show you some tips on food photography. Have a go and see what you can come up with. You can take a photo of something at home, something when you are eating out or at a friends place. Hey it may sound dumb, but it is only one month...LOL

 Now for the photos for Reflections...... There are some really good ones in here. We really are getting better at this.













I think you will agree some lovely shots there. Now if any of the other members have some shots they would like to enter... please send them to me ASAP.

Until next time........

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