Saturday, September 20, 2014

Club Logo

As you will remember, last meeting we asked if you could all think about what we could use as a club logo. Well here are some for us to have a look at. You will notice that some have prices beside them. These are ones that someone has designed and that is their price to have them done up with our club's info. Some are free clip art.
So please have a look and vote for your top two. We will then work out which one is most popular and we will then use that as our club logo. It will go on all of our stationery and also on our blog and Facebook page. Eventually we will have shirts printed out, so when we go on a shoot we will look like a club... plus it will be easy to find one of us if we get lost...LOL

Just e mail Garry or myself with your choices.


Have fun and I hope you have all been out snapping shots of trees. Ron and I spent a lovely couple of hours at the Gatton Uni yesterday morning taking tree photos... but as happens before we knew it we were both sitting quietly trying to get that elusive fantastic bird shot. 

Ron did take a tumble while we were there... I was not near him, but I could see him on the ground through some trees. I ran... well fast walked... no more running in these old legs...LOL Got around the stand of trees and here he is, on his back, camera in hand taking a darn photo..... He went sown with his camera in his hands, rolled and kept taking shots....... Dedicated or what...?????

See you all at the next club night.

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