Saturday, November 28, 2015

Portraits... Last competition for the year.

Hasn't the year gone by fast..????? Here we are at the last competition for the year... Portraits. I am sure you will all agree we had a fun time getting our portrait shots. I know I did. I did some using a backdrop and the full light set up. Then I also took some using a backdrop and a flash. I was happy with how my two shoots went.

Here are the photos for Portraits..

Indiana  Silver
A snake for a necklace.  Merit

1.1 Silver
 1.2  Silver

Aunty and Nephew.  Gold
Engaged.  Merit

3.1  Silver
 3.2  Merit

Miss Gablet  Silver
The Middle Child.  Silver

Friends Forever   Merit
Look What I've Got.    Silver

What Cake??   Merit
The Fisherman  Gold

7.1   Merit
 7.2  Gold 
Photo of the night.

8.1   Merit
 8.2   Silver

9.1    Merit
 9.2   Merit

Annie.     Acceptance
Lazy Annie.   Merit
Thank you to everyone for putting photos in during the year. It doesn't take an expert to see how much we have improved and that is the whole idea of going into the competition each month. To learn and improve.

See you all at the meeting on Wednesday night and then on Saturday at the Christmas Break-Up.

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