Sunday, August 4, 2013

John & Ann's Scotland Trip

John is the founding member of our camera club. He and his wife Ann are presently on a holiday to Scotland visiting family. They are due back in September. John has sent some amazing pictures over so we can all have a look at what they are seeing. He also apologizes as he is traveling light, camera equipment wise and says this is the best he can shoot with what he has taken. I'd be happy to call any  of these shots mine...LOL

These following shots were taken in Kelty Forest. They went on a four hour walk and just look at these gorgeous shots. So green and the moss... don't you just want to touch it as it looks so soft and spongy. I looked closely as I expected to see some kind of Robin Hood type person in one of these shots... but alas... I saw no one......

These nest shots were taken on another day at a different location. This first one is at Laggon Locke. The area has been in drought for some while. The waterline should be up to the trees on the far bank. Sad, but still very beautiful. How blue is that water...????

The next one is at the entrance to Locke Ness. Sorry Nessie is no where to be seen... LOL.  All types of craft wait here to be risen up on the four locks to higher ground.

This hot is at port Augusta with the rising locks to the right hand side.

This amazing castle is Castle Neithpass. Quite old and rundown. It is now being restored and part has been turned into Holiday units.

 A big thank you to John for sharing these shots with us.

If anyone else would like to share some of the shots they have been taking with us please just e mail them to me.

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