Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back again.....

Sorry for the delay in getting this updated. Flu and internet problems.

We have some more photos and comments from John.
This statue is called The Angel of the North...... she is 20 meters high....  54 meters wide....

 "Anthony Gormley"designed this statue. Feb 1998 and it took it took 4 years Approx to complete.

Grassington Village Square. Lovely little spot in the Yorkshire Moors Close to the city of Skipton and even closer to Kettlewell.

Kettlewell Beck (Creek) after a bit of rain. They have had 22mm in a week now that's a lot for this place, it will be running for weeks like this photograph. Allows for a top up of Trout for fishing.

A sample of the freestone rock walls around here. No cement just place the rocks in the right place. My Grandfather built a lot of these during his life here in Kettlewell. Ann is there pointing at the Moss.

 The weather over here has been very cold windy and rain for the last week or so. But I did get to the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens being dark and overcast it did make things a bit difficult.

 The heather shot is a close up of heather in the Moors of Yorkshire. 

The grey Squirrel is from the botanical gardens it almost was posing for me. 

This is a shot looking up the Loch Lomond from the main entrance.

John and Ann will be home again in 16th of this month. On behalf of the club I would like to say thank you for sharing your photos with us and safe journey home. See you at the next meeting.....

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