Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February meeting.

Everyone was in the same boat for this month's shoot. The moon just wasn't playing fair. It hid most nights, but a few of us managed to get it at different hours of the morning and night. 11pm, 2.30 am, 3.30 am and 4am are some examples.

We were all excited at our meeting on Monday night to see what everyone had managed to get.

Here are the photos in the A grade.

These two were taken by Garry our president. The man is amazing. Please click on the photos and enlarge them to have a better view. This one was taken in his back yard.

There were taken by Tom...... hey I never heard anything on the TV about a space ship near Laidley... LOL

Now for our B grade photos.
These were entered by Ann...

I loooove this one....... Isn't it amazing. Taken at the Bon Jovie concert....... I know Ann can't count we were to enter 2... LOL

These are Bronwyn's photos. The first one actually looks like there is a city on the moon...Looks like city lights......

The next two are mine..... If you knew how many I took to get one good one. I can't blame the camera or the lens... unfortunately it was the idiot behind the camera that mucked up all the time. LOL The first one was taken at 9.45 pm and the second one was taken at 3 am. Yep slept with the camera all set up on the tripod beside my bed... just in case and with my second shot it paid off. This was like 4 days later from the new moon which was my first shot.

Darryl entered these two photos...... the first one looks like an eye looking down at you.

These were entered by Geoff. A new member to our club and he has shown us a couple of other shots that he has taken. Beautiful shot taken looking over Laidley.  Then a couple from where he used to live.

These two are from Glen...... This first one is amazing and won HC the top honour for the night. It is fantastic to see such wonderful shots are being taken locally.

This one is from Jaimie, our youngest member. She is going to be hard to beat, and Garry is her Granddad. So you can see it is in her blood...... I love this shot. She is making me jealous......

Next we have a couple of photos from Kathy....... No not night ones, but I think it is some kind of moon flower... Not too sure, very good shot though. The second one the girls are singing up a storm in preparation for the Esk choir.

Megan entered these two shots. Megan is new to our club and the second photo which is a lovely candid family shot at night was taken on her phone. Well done.

Noeleen entered these two shots. In the second shot I love how you can see the trees around the moon.......

Pam and her point and shoot entered the next two photos. the second shot earned Pam a merit for the night. Darryl, hide her camera and give the rest of us a chance... LOL

Ron, my hubby took the next two... I tell you the man has to get new glasses... he thinks he can see. Lucky for me he doesn't read the blog, I haven't shown him how to get onto it. Trust me after 
e bay and Pay Pal... I am not showing him anything else....... If the first shot wasn't so blurry it would of been a very good shot. I do love his second shot.

Lastly we have Sheeree. Here is her photo for the night.

A big thank you to everyone who entered photos for the competition. Next month our theme is Pets/Animals. Hopefully they will be a little more cooperative.... Fingers crossed.

It was a good meeting on Monday night and after we looked at the photos Garry took half of the members and talked about cameras and Jim had the rest of us and talked about night shoots in badly lit buildings where you are not allowed to use a flash. How hard is that, and he was shooting a kids basket ball game. The man is crazy... LOL

Until next time......

Happy snapping...

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