Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Moon Shoot.

We had our first shoot for the year. Unfortunately Ron and I were unable to attend. We have tried to get our moon shoots at home here. We were out at 11 pm on Saturday night when we had the full moon and we have been out every night since then, trying to get a good shot. It has been way too cloudy when the moon first rises. But I keep checking and we head outside when there is a break in the clouds. Now this should show how keen I am. I was up at 3.30am this morning taking a few shots, as the moon was out in the open night sky.

It is amazing how much the moon wanes in four days. But I have had fun trying to get a good shot, and I will keep trying for the next few days. We have until Sunday to get our 2 photos e mailed to Garry.

Last Saturday night due to cloud coverage the people who went to the shoot got photos of the night view looking back towards Laidley. Look at this amazing shot that Jaimie, our youngest member took.

Now everyone remember... 2 photos e mailed to Garry before Sunday. Photos will be accepted on the night, but to save time it would be appreciated if you would e mail them through.

Next meeting is on Monday 24th. 7pm.

Executives please be there for a quick executive meeting at 6.30pm. We have a few things that need to be addressed.

Happy snapping.......

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